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Theotokos Kazan

Image Description
Theotokos is from Greek meaning, The Mother of God. According to church tradition, this icon was of the type painted by the Apostle and Evangelist Luke on a table which, The Lord Himself, The Theotokos,and Saint Joseph had their meals. This icon is of the Hodegetria type from the Greek meaning Pointer of the Way and is usually depicted with the Christ Child in Her arms giving His blessing. This icon is a prototype of an icon that according to legend was miraculously uncovered in the city of Kazan. The half-length figure of the Mother of God holds The Christ Child on her left giving His blessing with His right hand. Christ bestows a blessing with His right hand while holding the fingers in such a manner to represent the Greek letters, IC and XC the first and last letters of the name Jesus Christ. In 1579 fire destroyed the home of a soldier in the city of Kazan. When the soldier contemplated rebuilding his home on the same site the Mother of God appeared to his nine-year-old daughter named Matrona. The Mother of God told her that Her Icon was buried in the ground where the house had stood. The Christians during the Muslim invasion had hid it there. After several attempts to have the church officials dig for the icon the girl and mother finally uncovered the icon. It was wrapped in a dark red garment, and neither the panel nor the paintwork had any traces of damage. The icon was taken to Father Yermolay a future patriarch who worshipped with a special prayer before the icon. Later Father Yermolay wrote a book entitled the story about the miracle working Kazan icon.

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