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Image Description
This icon is also known as The Sudarium or Savior Uncreated by Human Hands. The depiction is inspired by a legend that Christ’s image remained on a cloth that He used to wipe His face. Abgar, The King of Edessa, was suffering from leprosy. Hearing of the many miracles performed by Christ, the king sent messengers inviting Christ to come and see him. Christ gave the cloth to the messengers and told them to present it to their king. The king attached this cloth to a board and placed it on a niche on the gate of the city. Tile was then used as a covering for the cloth and legend says that the image appeared on the tile as well. This image was sewn on banners, put on city gates and entrances to repel invaders. In the late 16th and 17th. Centuries, full length figures of Archangel Michael and Gabriel appeared holding up the cloth The Image Made Without Human Hands came to be regarded in Russia as a protector: a “bringer of victory.” This Image is one of the many relics stored in Saint Peter’s basilica in Rome.

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